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Hello Intern!

Meet Leadcamp, the first of its kind.

The Leadcamp Touchpoint Intelligence platform enables sales teams globally to realize their fullest potential by taking away all guesswork about their prospects. Our platform captures and understands every interaction from prospects and provides sellers a single engagement metric, allowing them to focus on closing the best deals.

So… you’re wondering what is this Internship about?

Good news! Our internship program offers you a huge range of opportunities across the start-up world. You’ll have the chance to make a direct impact on how the we close deals. During this semester you are introduced to the business world full of challenges and development. In our team, you will get the opportunity to engage in the fields that most appeal to you. We screen your interests and personal qualities, and position them in the best possible context for future growth. The only thing that is defined in advance is the field in which you can lift yourself to the top.

Can I do marketing?

For sure! After an initial warm up you can head out prospecting new markets, run a cost-benefit analysis on certain marketing strategies, set up and implement new marketing strategies. Or go crazy and live it up on social media platforms with well-researched ads.

How about sales?

Be our guest! After a solid ramp-up you will help sourcing leads, perform outreach and address prospects yourself. You'll be able to share your vision about GTM and how we build pipeline. But first: sell yourself! 

And.. uhm development?

Bull's-eye! After discovering our product you'll delve into the world of research, develop proposals, and manage the design process in order to meet customer expectations effectively. 

In other words..

We collaborate to give your internship the shape that suits you best.

Okay… now you’re thinking, what do we expect from you?

  • Exemplary hard and soft skills;
  • Proven track-record of organizing, developing, and executing projects that deliver results;
  • Currently enrolled in a university and authorization to work in Belgium at the time of hire, and maintain ongoing work authorization during employment;
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently and idiomatically;
  • You are based in Europe;
  • Have authorisation to work in Belgium at the time of hire, and maintain ongoing work authorisation during employment;
  • Have a university supporting the internship program (mandatory co-op).

Do you feel completely appealed to this internship?

Apply today and become a Leadcamper. See you!

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